How do I write a blog post?

Once logged into Kinja, open the compose editor by clicking the User Menu at the top right of the page, then select Compose post.

You can add text, images, and video to your post to create a masterpiece! 

The compose editor gives you a variety of different options for styling your post when using the toolbar at the top of the editor (from left to right):

  • Insert link - Associate a link to a section of text
  • Insert image - Add an image to your post, by uploading from your computer or from a URL
  • Block Quote - Displays selected text as a block quote
  • Additional formatting options - See below
  • ​HTML - switches the editor from a graphical view to HTML view, allowing you to fine tune your post's markup

​The additional formatting button exposes the following options:

  • Bold - Makes a section of your text bold
  • Italic - Makes a section of your text italic
  • Ordered list - Creates a number ordered list
  • Unordered list - Creates a bullet-pointed unordered list
  • Header 2, 3, 4 - Makes a section of your text larger, also breaks this section into it's own element
  • Normal text - Strips all text formatting
  • Strikethrough - Adds a strike through text
  • Small - Makes text smaller. How cute! 
  • Code - Typically used to display code without rendering it

Once you've completed writing and styling your post, you can choose when you want to publish your post at the left side of the compose window by clicking the clock icon. Your post will publish at the current time by default, however you can schedule it by selecting any time in the future. After entering the desired publish time, save the post as public. This will cause the post to appear on your chosen blog and the specified time.

Beside the clock icon is the Add tags field, which allows you to add tags to the post. Adding tags will make your posts easier to find by other members of the Kinja community, including the editorial staff of Gawker Media's blogs. If a editor likes your post, they may share it to the front page of their blog! 

Now that you've created and styled your post your compose window should be full of life. Click the 'Publish on' field to select where you want your post to be published to. My personal blog only will always be an available choice, and if you are an author on any group blogs, you'll see those options as well. 

The editor defaults to Save as private which will keep your post drafted until you edit publish it by selecting Save as public from the save button's additional options.
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